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"Jonathan's Landing"
61 Harbour Road,
Paget, Bermuda PG 02
Telephone/Fax: (441) 236-0127
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Picture of Nigel Prescott Nigel Prescott
Nigel Prescott, owner/operator of Tam-Marina since 1969 started out by building The Gay Venture, Bermuda's first floating restaurant. Since then, he has come under ownership of the Bermuda Fleet, consisting of Lady Tamara, Lady Erica, and his newest addition, Lady Charlotte.
As a licensed pilot, engineer, and an integral part of the hotel business for years, Nigel Prescott proves to be a very industrious person willing to try anything.
Below are articles that Nigel has kept throughout the years documenting the history of Tam-Marina & The Gay Venture.

What a boat he's building! - Monday February 4th, 1969

The big, big boat runs into delays

Up..Up..Up.. and Over She Goes - Friday June 13, 1969

Bottle of champagne christens restaurant

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